Keep your personal email personal

Throwaway emails forwarded to your personal email address

What is The Other Mail?

We generate throwaway email addresses so you can try new products and services with no risk. We deliver all emails from your generated accounts to your personal email address so you don't have to remember stupidly long emails.

Use and forget

Generate an email address and forget about it after you use it. Your emails will be delivered to the comfort of your personal email address.

Privacy ensured

We don't store your emails and we never analyze the contents of your messages. We only forward.

Protect your personal email

Next time you want to try a service or test out a product, don't give away your personal email address. Use The Other Mail instead.

Easy and fast

Authenticate with your Google account, generate an email address, and start receiving emails to your personal email address.

Press pause anytime

Tired of receiving emails, but still want to keep your generated email address to check back on a website? Just deactivate it and reactivate later.


Completely free for life. Unlimited messages for up to 100 active emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits for maximum number of email messages that you can forward?

No. If we notice an unusual amount of messages being forwarded, we will contact you.

What information do you store?

We only store your personal email for fowarding, all temporary emails you've generated, the email addresses of senders who send to your generated emails, and received timestamps of incoming emails. We never store the contents of your email.

Why do you track the sender email address?

If you notice you are receiving spam from a sender, you can easily search by sender and disable the generated email.

Why do you track my received timestamps?

To help our users keep track of emails that are no longer being utilized. If you are approaching your limit for generated email addresses, you may wish to disable email addresses that have not received any new emails.

If I accidentally deleted a forwarded email, can I re-forward or recover it?

No. To protect your privacy (and save us money), we don't store any emails.

Can I forward emails to my Yahoo, Hotmail, or any non-Gmail email account?

Not at the moment. If you are interested in this, let us know.


We hope you find our service useful.
Feel free to get in touch with the team if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Product Manager
Vincent Chan
Software Engineer
Antoine Creux
Data Engineer
Jelle Vanhorenbeke
Software Engineer

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